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Mon, 17 Dec 2007

A new toy

I've got my second laptop. It's Compal - Core2duo, 4GB of RAM and 250GB SATA disk, NVIDIA 8600GT. I'll generally use it to work and develop things. Memory is needed to run couple of virtual machines and Core2duo VT bit will help too. Use of Broadcom 43xx wifi makes me to use Linux on that machine. Apart from broadcom and touchpad, this machine is really nice. :-)

UPDATE: In NetBSD-current there is bwi driver for broadcom.

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Performance of NetBSD

Couple of weeks ago I've written little howto for person, which had problem with performance of writing to disk on NetBSD. Original can be found on forum on (must be logged) or mirror. You can find translated version to English on this place. I'm planning to write bigger howto, meanwhile I've recommend to read another howto:

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I have a cat, I have a cat, I still have a cat

This is month since I've got my cat. I always wanted cat at my home. It's great fun to watch how she's running after her toy. She is rather calm cat, except for moments of activity, where you can spot her everywhere. It's a curious cat, wandering at all house in hope of spotting something new. She's like her owner. ;-) Even if she wakes me up at 4 o'clock sometimes, I can't live without cat now.

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