1. Anniversaries

    Today is the anniversary of my blog. It is two years and 25 posts (including this). Not so many posts after that time. ;-)
    This year there are more anniversaries: 10 years of me as Morr, 150 years of Ludwik Zamenhof birth - creator of Esperanto language, which I learn from time …

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  2. One year...

    It's been one year since my cat comes to me from my friend. And since I don't know when she was born or how old is she, I've set this day as her birthday. The vet told me a couple of months ago she was about three years. So - she …

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  3. Vacation over...

    Last week I have returned from Bieszczady mountains. It was a beautiful vacation; I was walking in the mountains all alone. I haven't brought with any of my machines. It was only me and nature.

    I was on "Bieszczadzkie Anioły" festival, on which I could see "Stare Dobre Małżeństwo" band …

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  4. New home... disk.

    I have added today new disk for home partition. Until now everything was placed on one 10GB disk with the system.  Now myrkr have second disk 500GB, which is used entirely by /home. Adding was easy as that commands:

    # fdisk -u wd1

    # disklabel -e wd1

    # newfs -O2 wd1e

    And adding …

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  5. New gateway

    Tonight I have just configured new machine with NetBSD to become my new gateway. And now it is. Most features are already done (http, mysql, ipv6, shell). Only thing to configure is ejabberd and openvpn, which I'm using privately. So - here it is:

    myrkr> uname -srm
    NetBSD 4.0_STABLE i386 …

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  6. IPv6 ready!

    Today I have setup IPv6 on my home LAN. Now I can connect to websites, which use IPv6 with my unique address from my laptop. Most work was done on a Linux router, on client it was only one command:

    # sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.accept_rtadv=1

    That's all. On …

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