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Mon, 03 Sep 2012



Long time no entry in blog again. This year was busy - I moved to another city (I'm back at Gdynia!).
Changed job (next change next year, according to my experience :)). Added new motorocycle (Honda Transalp 650). Added memories of business trip to Paris last year, connected with sightseeing. Added memories of first longer trip on motorcycle to the south of Poland this year (Bieszczady, Tatry, Kraków) - it was good test of Transalp. Some pictures from trip here

My most notable changes to pkgsrc:
- updated x11/rxvt-unicode to 9.15
- updated editors/vim-share (and editors/vim) to 7.3.638
- updated net/haproxy to 1.4.21
- became a member of pkgsrc-security team

This year I plan to attend EuroBSDCon in Warsaw. If you want to meet me - be there.

In other news - this year it is 5 years as my cat lives with me.
I've noticed also that this blog have 5 years. Time passes faster lately...

Also, I've changed first digit on my age to 3 this year. :-)

So - see you next year!

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Sun, 14 Nov 2010

Open Source conference

Next week I'll be attending to Open Source conference in Szczecin. I will have there presentation about what's new in NetBSD. As on conference two years ago, it will be only presentation about NetBSD, rest is mostly about (Open)Solaris. ;-)

There is page (in polish) about conference: And there is agenda (also in polish):

I hope you will get there and listen to my and others presentations. ;-)
UPDATE: this website seems no longer function.

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Thu, 04 Mar 2010

New NetBSD developer

Since it's official and couple of people already had mentioned this, I'll write on my blog as well.

Since 26 February I'm developer of NetBSD, system of my choice. I'll work mainly with pkgsrc and pl mirror, but I'll try to bite some kernel source too. ;-) Now I can fix and break stuff myself. :-) You can find me now at morr [at]

I would like to thanks here to ahoka@ and joerg@ for being my mentors, and haad@ for meeting in Bratislava and signing my key.

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Wed, 28 Jan 2009

OpenVPN with crypto tokens on NetBSD

This howto is for using openvpn with crypto token. OpenVPN from pkgsrc doesn't support tokens by default, but you can use this simple patch to use them. Additionally, you'll need:

I won't write now how to initialize token and add certs, I'll just describe client process.

You have to get patch and use it:

/usr/pkgsrc:# wget -O - | patch

/usr/pkgsrc:# cd net/openvpn && make install clean

Then you should build pcsc-lite:

/usr/pkgsrc/net/openvpn:# cd ../../security/pcsc-lite && make install clean

If you are using USB token, you will need ccid too:

/usr/pkgsrc/security/pcsc-lite:# cd ../../security/ccid && make install clean

After that, you'll only need to run /usr/pkg/sbin/pcscd (unfortunatelly there isn't rc.d script yet) and you're almost done!

You have to know your token ID. You can get it using:

~:# openvpn  --show-pkcs11-ids /usr/pkg/lib/

and copying "Serialized id" to your openvpn config in "pkcs11-id" entry. Another entry is needed for this to run:

pkcs11-providers /usr/pkg/lib/

And that all!  Of course you have to configure rest of openvpn, like "client", "dev" or "remote", but that is normal openvpn configuration. After running

~:# openvpn --config my.ovpn

you'll see:

Wed Jan 28 00:49:08 2009 OpenVPN 2.1_rc13 i386--netbsdelf [SSL] [LZO2] [PKCS11] built on Jan 27 2009
Wed Jan 28 00:49:08 2009 PKCS#11: Adding PKCS#11 provider '/usr/pkg/lib/'

and after a while you'll be asked for PIN to certs on token:

Enter CryptoCard PKI (PIN1) token Password:

After you'll enter the PIN, vpn connection will be established.

If you have any question, feel free to ask. ;-) If there will be demand, I'll write about adding certs to token using pkcs11-tool.

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Fri, 31 Oct 2008

netbsd-5 tagged and Baudday

Yesterday new version of netbsd was tagged in CVS. NetBSD-current 4.99.73 was tagged as netbsd-5 - next stable version. There are still some bugs to fix, but generally it is stable. One problem, which hits me on NetBSD-current/amd64 is performance of the WAPBL - journal for FFS. There are some patches for that: PR 39564. But I haven't that problem much on NetBSD-current/i386. Speaking of which, I've updated to newest current on laptop to find it is 5.99.01. So, numbers keep rolling... Other than need of accepting EULA of iwi(4) firmware and using "-s" switch in etcupdate and postinstall, there is no user visible changes. One day that 5.99 will be netbsd-6. Probably I won't update my gateway from 4.0_STABLE to 5.0 until it will be released. Which may take a while...

Speaking of numbers, it seems that tomorrow will be my 9600 day of life. :-) In couple of days there should be another post. But I'll keep secret about subject of that post. ;-)

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