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Fri, 17 Apr 2009

Android G1

(Long time no post...)

I have since couple of days HTC Dream called T-Mobile G1 (in Poland Era G1). It is nice phone for people, who wants to be always online. My first application, which I've installed, was ConnectBot, ssh client. Now I can connect to my home host from every location which is in range of Era's network. I was using it during my trip to hometown on holiday. It's working very nice. I can browse WWW, check email and gmail account, use google reader and google docs, happens to update firmware over the air too.

I've synced contacts with Gmail, setup my IMAP account and installed couple of applications. One of great app is dgMoney to keep expenses and incomings. Another app is Astrid - TODO/Tasks app. It allows to use tags on tasks and synchronize with service. I have Twiteroid too, so I can watch and post to Twitter. OI Safe is used to keep my passwords and logins... safe. And of course there is Doom! Little sluggish, but it can be played. One app, which is missing now is good PDF reader. There are some applications, but they don't work good.

One of things, which isn't good is battery. It allows for day of working when it was only syncing with gmail and everything. Less, if you happen to use it more than calling and browsing WWW. But I guess that is price of being online whole time. Another bad thing is not supporting yet WPA2 Enterprise. But I've read that if I get root on phone, I can setup wpa_supplicant easily and WPA2 will work. But since that requires downgrading of  firmware, which then can be upgraded with root enabled, I haven't done it yet. I'll play with locked phone for a while longer. ;-)

This is pic of my Era G1 (yes, it's my cat on wallpaper :-)).

PS: I've become godfather of my sister's son during holiday. I've held him in my arms for a while. He is very sweet. :-)

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Fri, 09 May 2008

New home... disk.

I have added today new disk for home. Until now everything was placed on one 10GB disk with system.  Now myrkr have second disk 500GB, which is used entirely by /home. Adding was easy as that commands:

# fdisk -u wd1

# disklabel -e wd1

# newfs -O2 wd1e

And adding to fstab, that's all. I have used FFS, because LFS is still considered experimental and unstable. Now I can move my main repository of files to myrkr and can turn off kashyyyk, so I can be more green. ;-) kashyyyk from now on will be used only for multimedia things.

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Sun, 16 Mar 2008

A new old toys

In this week I've received two "new" older machines. One is Compaq, pIII 800MHz, which will be my new gateway instead of kashyyyk ( It has already installed NetBSD, and in this week I'll try to exchange the router. I have installed NetBSD 4.0 to get latest stable release of NetBSD.

The second machine is rather little: Palm Tungsten T. I have got it from my friend. One of its feature is Bluetooth, which I use to connect Palm to computer and to phone (e.g. to dial number from address book ;-)). It looks nice and is nice too ;) Probably that will be my primary mobile computer.

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