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  1. Update


    Long time no entry in blog again. This year was busy - I moved to another city (I'm back at Gdynia!).
    Changed job (next change next year, according to my experience :)). Added new motorocycle (Honda Transalp 650). Added memories of business trip to Paris last year, connected with sightseeing. Added …

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  2. Anniversaries

    Today is the anniversary of my blog. It is two years and 25 posts (including this). Not so many posts after that time. ;-)
    This year there are more anniversaries: 10 years of me as Morr, 150 years of Ludwik Zamenhof birth - creator of Esperanto language, which I learn from time …

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  3. One year...

    It's been one year since my cat comes to me from my friend. And since I don't know when she was born or how old is she, I've set this day as her birthday. The vet told me a couple of months ago she was about three years. So - she …

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  4. Vacation over...

    Last week I have returned from Bieszczady mountains. It was a beautiful vacation; I was walking in the mountains all alone. I haven't brought with any of my machines. It was only me and nature.

    I was on "Bieszczadzkie Anioły" festival, on which I could see "Stare Dobre Małżeństwo" band …

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  5. Reboot? Reboot!

    Długi czas nie pisałem nic. Nie pozwalał na to brak czasu, pewne problemy, itp. Od jakiegoś czasu myślałem nad ideą, co może się tu znajdować. W końcu wymyśliłem i rezultaty tego zobaczycie (mam nadzieję) później. :-) Blog będzie po angielsku, żeby więcej ludzi mogło skorzystać z rad.


    - mam kota ;-)

    - nadal …

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