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Mon, 03 Sep 2012



Long time no entry in blog again. This year was busy - I moved to another city (I'm back at Gdynia!).
Changed job (next change next year, according to my experience :)). Added new motorocycle (Honda Transalp 650). Added memories of business trip to Paris last year, connected with sightseeing. Added memories of first longer trip on motorcycle to the south of Poland this year (Bieszczady, Tatry, Kraków) - it was good test of Transalp. Some pictures from trip here

My most notable changes to pkgsrc:
- updated x11/rxvt-unicode to 9.15
- updated editors/vim-share (and editors/vim) to 7.3.638
- updated net/haproxy to 1.4.21
- became a member of pkgsrc-security team

This year I plan to attend EuroBSDCon in Warsaw. If you want to meet me - be there.

In other news - this year it is 5 years as my cat lives with me.
I've noticed also that this blog have 5 years. Time passes faster lately...

Also, I've changed first digit on my age to 3 this year. :-)

So - see you next year!

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Mon, 27 Jul 2009

1000 miles on motorcycle/27 years old/30 posts

Today I've reached 1000 miles on my motorbike (about 1600km). I have bike since two months. And I already had one big tour, to home in Elbląg and back. That was about 660km. First 300km was without single cloud, sunny, just great weather. But coming back was worse. I had visited my family in another city, so I've taken longer road. And then almost all the time it was raining... But yours truly had returned safely.

I had couple of adventures with motor, but I like riding on it. ;-) It's great to avoid traffic jams (which becomes worse lately due to road works). And it's great way of moving. ;-) Some pictures of my bike (photos was taken fresh from returning home):

Since last tuesday I'm 27 years old. I saw that picture couple days before my birthday, and I thought it is perfect for that day: Many years are behind me, but many more are ahead!

And I see that this will be 30th post. Since I've using blog since January 2007, that will be almost 1 post/month. :-) I'll try posting more frequently, but I'm not promising anything.

So, good night to all of you...

UPDATE1: I forgot to mention what motocycle it is. It's Yamaha XJ600N.

UPDATE2: I've upgraded wordpress to newest stable version, added Twitter Tools and changed skin, as you can see. ;-)

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