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  1. New home... disk.

    I have added today new disk for home partition. Until now everything was placed on one 10GB disk with the system.  Now myrkr have second disk 500GB, which is used entirely by /home. Adding was easy as that commands:

    # fdisk -u wd1

    # disklabel -e wd1

    # newfs -O2 wd1e

    And adding …

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  2. e17

    Today I've installed e17 on NetBSD - development version of Enlightenment. It was result of toying with gOS - Ubuntu with e17. It looks very nice and it's almost as fast as fluxbox. With some nice theme it can looks like this. Installing of e17 from pkgsrc is simple. You need to …

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  3. A new toy

    I've got my second laptop. It's Compal - Core2duo, 4GB of RAM and 250GB SATA disk, NVIDIA 8600GT. I'll generally use it to work and develop things. Memory is needed to run a couple of virtual machines, and Core2duo VT bit will help too. Use of Broadcom 43xx wifi makes me …

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