Switch from Wordpress

I thought about it for some time already, but finally made a switch from Wordpress to something which doesn’t require PHP or any other language.
Wordpress doesn’t have a stellar record when it comes to security - I know because I’m the maintainer of Wordpress package in pkgsrc. They are fixing things quickly, but I prefer something more static.
So here it is - now my blog is powered by pybloxsom. Export from Wordpress was rather easy, but it required some manual work.
Editing new entries is now easier (so maybe there will be more new content :-)) and can be done offline. There are some shortcomings, but actually, they are OK for me.
Lack of comments - There are some plugins for them, but I won’t for now set up any of them. There is always email and no more fight with comment spam.
The layout is pretty basic, but you can look at my blog even in lynx or w3m. It also reduces some traffic.
I may think about some CSS to pimp up page, but that is in future. Until then - enjoy new blog!
PS: New RSS link is now http://morr.pl/weblog/index.xml.
PPS: I will still maintain Wordpress package in pkgsrc, at least for a while.
UPDATE: Now it’s hugo, as you can see below.