The last post was in 2017. Changes since that time include: I’m still using MacBook Pro I got in 2016. It is running OK. Still have iPhone 7 as well. Still running fine. But I got Asus Chromebook C523NA to see what I can do with ChromeOS. And I also have Google Pixel 3. Same as above. Server hosting changed through various operating systems. It was NixOS, OpenBSD, Debian.

Switch from Wordpress

I thought about it for some time already, but finally made a switch from Wordpress to something which doesn’t require PHP or any other language. Wordpress doesn’t have a stellar record when it comes to security - I know because I’m the maintainer of Wordpress package in pkgsrc. They are fixing things quickly, but I prefer something more static. So here it is - now my blog is powered by pybloxsom.


Hi! Long time no entry in blog again. This year was busy - I moved to another city (I’m back at Gdynia!). Changed job (next change next year, according to my experience :)). Added new motorocycle (Honda Transalp 650). Added memories of business trip to Paris last year, connected with sightseeing. Added memories of first longer trip on motorcycle to the south of Poland this year (Bieszczady, Tatry, Kraków) - it was good test of Transalp.