Open Source conference

Next week I’ll be attending to Open Source conference in Szczecin. I will have there presentation about what’s new in NetBSD. As on conference two years ago, it will be only presentation about NetBSD, rest is mostly about (Open)Solaris. ;-) There is page (in polish) about conference: And there is agenda (also in polish): hope you will get there and listen to my and others presentations. ;-) UPDATE: this website seems no longer function.

New NetBSD developer

Since it’s officialand couple of people already had mentionedthis, I’ll write on my blog as well. Since 26 February I’m a developer of NetBSD, the system of my choice. I’ll work mainly with pkgsrc and pl mirror, but I’ll try to bite some kernel source too. ;-) Now I can fix and break stuff myself. :-) You can find me now at morr [at] I would like to thanks here to ahoka@ and joerg@ for being my mentors, and haad@ for meeting in Bratislava and signing my key.

1000 miles on motorcycle/27 years old/30 posts

Today I’ve reached 1000 miles on my motorbike (about 1600km). I have a bike for two months. And I already had one big tour, to home in Elbląg and back. That was about 660km. First, 300km was without a single cloud, sunny, just great weather. But coming back was worse. I had visited my family in another city, so I’ve taken a long road. And then almost all the time it was raining.

Android G1

(Long time no post…) I have since a couple of days HTC Dream called T-Mobile G1 (in Poland Era G1). It is a nice phone for people, who want to be always online. My first application, which I’ve installed, was ConnectBot, an ssh client. Now I can connect to my home host from every location which is in range of Era’s network. I was using it during my trip to hometown on holiday.