The last post was in 2017. Changes since that time include:

  • I’m still using MacBook Pro I got in 2016. It is running OK.
  • Still have iPhone 7 as well. Still running fine.
  • But I got Asus Chromebook C523NA to see what I can do with ChromeOS.
  • And I also have Google Pixel 3. Same as above.
  • Server hosting changed through various operating systems. It was NixOS, OpenBSD, Debian. Currently back on NixOS, cause if my interest in immutable infrastructure and functional programming.
  • I changed email handling from self-hosting to ProtonMail. rspamd can sometimes be memory hungry. Couple with ClamAV and you need a lot of RAM.
  • Moved to UK, London! I’m here for a year now. And I’m still happy about that.
  • Connected with that, I changed also work, as you can see on my LinkedIn.
  • I’m in the process of selling my motorcycle. I haven’t brought it here.

OK, enough updates for now. See you in the next three years!

Although, I have some ideas for blog posts.