Today is the anniversary of my blog. It is two years and 25 posts (including this). Not so many posts after that time. ;-)
This year there are more anniversaries: 10 years of me as Morr, 150 years of Ludwik Zamenhof birth - creator of Esperanto language, which I learn from time to time…
The older I am, the faster time flies. It was long ten years. I’ve met many people, have lost contact with a few, learn a few things, teach some people a few tricks. Lost some people, which was close to me. Came from Windows to Linux, then NetBSD. Changed place of living, work a couple of times. Now it’s more or less stable. Well, that was good ten years, but there are more to come! :-)

UPDATE: Just yesterday I’ve become an uncle - my sister have given birth to a boy :-)